25 Oct 19 by justatest
The second fragment (of three) from a found mattress.

Mattress fragment cover and inner foam

The story of the first fragment is over here https://artprocess.com/delaney/6964

Glue coating

Foam fragment with several coats of rabbit-skin glue

Gesso Coating

Foam fragment with initial external coat of gesso

View from above

View from above the foam fragment

Fitting the cover

Cover and inner foam re-assembled standing

Shell coating

After gesso'ing the inside then initial steps towards building a wire shell

3½ years later

Returning to work after ignoring it for 3½ years

Back to this after another long hiatus, a phase of inaction I seem to specialize in. The gesso interior is covered with a fine greasy layer of dust and cobweb. I think that I should work on the wire shell to try define that some more, before boiling up more gesso in order to clean up the inside.

Considering ropes

The upper edge has been shaped and bolstered up a bit all round and I've added a fragment of rope just to see how it looks.
I'd used fallen cordilyon leaves around the previous (first) mattress fragment.
I'm close to the beach here where there's lots of wrecked wire lobster pots and strewn lengths of tattered rope used as guys for location buoys to indicate where the pots are in the sea, that have subsequently torn and then been washed up after a storm. Maybe I'll go and pick up a few more rope lengths and see if they can be used here.

To the beach

Broken lobster pots and ropes washed on the shore

So I'll bring some of these ropes back and see how they look.

Added the ropes

Rope and wire frame

I've applied a new gesso layer to clean it up a bit. Let's see how it looks when that, and the ropes dry out. Once that's done, I could almost be ready to begin with painting.

external view

another external view

side view

internal view