New sculpture (untitled)
07 Nov 19 by justatest
I´ve been waiting many years to begin this. Again it´s from a throwaway scribble of an idea that wouldn´t go away for a large standing piece for outside.

Scribbled idea

Sodden bridge

plywood bridge

wet platform to begin with

wire for wall 1 (of 6)

Initial wall of central disk

I spent two days securing wherever two wires overlapped in this section in order to make it a rigid sheet ( if the joints aren't secured it will just collapse on itself in a heap ). To secure it I twist a small piece of wire using a pliars around where the strands of wire meet. It's a real PITA job.


Preparing first circumference segment

Circumference done

only 4 segments done

I thought I´d have gotten to this stage at COB Monday. It´s now COB Friday.
You can tell, naturally, the precision engineering however.

7 segments

Half-way there with the segments.

10 segments

all segments done

It'll require more work to add strength and support though before I can begin on the other side.