Five Little Canvases
22 Apr 22 by justatest
Thinking about scaling down, maybe hoping for a little more intimacy, or focus. I´m preparing five unusually small (for me) canvases of slightly differing sizes (to prevent them making up a diptych, triptych, or quintych even) and am eagerly curious to find out where they lead me.

First blank canvas

Five Little Canvases

in preparation

Bought some new light canvas material. Sawed up wood and made stretchers. Stretched the canvases, primed them with a couple of coats of hot rabbit-skin glue, then four of five coats of hot gesso (made as I learnt one hundred years ago at art school with calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, boiled linseed oil, and rabbit-skin glue), allowing each coat to dry and be sanded. In all takes a few weeks (mostly waiting for surfaces to dry) but then the finished blank canvas is such a pleasure to work with.