Carnsore Gal
28 Sep 21 by justatest
This project utilizes the final remaining (3rd) section of a mattress found in the stream at the end of the garden. The other sections, for reference, are [LINK] and [LINK]. I may even call it the Riverbed Series.

Oil on mixed media [220cm x 115cm]

It's all about the colour at this stage, gently giving way more to form as the simple modelling grows in detail.
Nevertheless in the end I decided to stay with that simplicity, respecting the combined demands of the finished basic and rustic elements.

Finally some colour

oils to the ready

The hay had dried, the gesso was fresh and inviting so there was nothing left to do but start mixing some oil colour. It's usual for me at this point to start mapping out the piece in paint and to consider the range of colours to employ.

In the hay

stuffed with grass

Becoming a bit fed up with all that wire, I was looking to find something a little easier on the eye, and came up with the long grass I'd cut with a scythe the year before and was keeping for a separate project. I shoved it in there still wet in clumps until there was no more room for more.

Enough rope

bound together

I figured a unifying factor was required to bind the two sides together and opted for the discarded rope from it's sister project [LINK]

Two cages

a second containing support cage is needed

The upside was that I now needed to make another cage to support the mattress. Making them is a hugely boring and time-consuming business and I tried unsuccessfully to find a workaround to obviate the need for the second one. Much time was wasted in that activity but, as nobody wants these things, I wasn't under a deadline to ship and so it stood there brooding waiting for me to concede to the obvious need.

Flip out

mirror image... not exactly

Yet instead of placing the mattress piece in the containing cage as initially conceived, I thought it looked much better matched up beside it, proposing a second element for the work that lent it more harmony and balance.

More wire

glued, gessoed, and caged

In a familiar vein by now, I soak it in glue, followed by liberal amounts of gesso, then build a cage in which to house it; the point being to give the piece some rigidity and allow it stand alone.

Core fragment

the remaining mattress piece

It begins with this hacked and torn piece of foam and fabric. So what to do with it?