29 Sep 22 by justatest
It's well known that italians love their cars. However it's not only the fast sporty machines like Ferrari, Maserati or Alfa Romeo they are passionate about, they also have a love affair with the dinky little Fiat 500.

Cinquecento, oil on muslin on metal wire frame, 110cm X 80cm X 30cm

It was with this in mind that I understood the often repeated image on the Italian news of a Serbian tank crushing the little Italian-made car in a Bosnian town, during the war in ex-Yugoslavia.
It had more effect to elicit the indignance of the nation than if it were instead a Bosnian Muslim man being crushed.
So I thought I'd make a beat up car front headlights and grille - as my tribute to all people and things that get in the way of tanks.