Fail Loop
22 Aug 20 by justatest

Sketch, oil on mixed media, 30cm X 34cm X 23cm

In Florence I treated myself to a beautifully handmade, bound, hardback drawing book of the finest paper. It was such an exquisite piece of work, I couldn't bring myself to ruin it by drawing on it.
It remained untouched in the studio for months until one day I took a saw to it, cut it up, and over time covered it with layers of gesso and oilpaint.
Typical male aggression, though I was relieved and quite pleased with the result.
To me, it looks like the scene of a crime. I'm sure any Florentine bookbinder would agree.


Dead On Arrival, oil on mixed media, 42cm X 38cm X 13cm

The balcony of the apartment I rented was full of dead plants. Some months had passed before I ventured out to investigate. I couldn't do much about the vegetation but there was an old rolled up water hose that looked very interesting. I took it, sealed in in calico and glue, gave it a layer or two of gesso, then painted it purple. I suppose I'd call this a found object.
Then what's all this about contemporary art being so difficult? - it's easier than watering the plants.


Cinquecento, oil on muslin on metal wire frame, 110cm X 80cm X 30cm

It's well known that italians love their cars. However it's not only the fast sporty machines like Ferrari, Maserati or Alfa Romeo they are passionate about, they also have a love affair with the dinky little Fiat 500.
It was with this in mind that I understood the often repeated image on the Italian news of a Serbian tank crushing the little Italian-made car in a Bosnian town, during the war in ex-Yugoslavia.
It had more effect to elicit the indignance of the nation than if it were instead a Bosnian Muslim man being crushed.
So I thought I'd make a beat up car front headlights and grille - as my tribute to all people and things that get in the way of tanks.


oil on cotton and mixed media, 52cm X 54cm X 48cm

Watching the horror of the Uganda genocide, half-bodies being hauled out of the lake. One was just the legs and pelvis. I wanted to make the rest to somehow re-unite the mutilation. I could only manage this torso.