Two Unfinished
14 Oct 21 by justatest
These two very old pieces may be down but they're not quite out (as yet). I've still got them somewhere in storage and hopefully, one day, I will complete them. I made them big and baroque like that - I think as a gesture of enthusiasm to counter the trepidation I felt in those days of being trapped.
Although they're separately individual works I've put them both together here as they originate around the same time and despite many years of moving to ever tinier and darker studio spaces, they are amongst the few that I've managed to maintain stored away for a better day.

unfinished in studio

Unfinished no. 2 (out of the way)

artwork al sole

Unfinished no. 2

even the photos are desperate

Unfinished no. 1 (with repair job)

front view

Yes I know what you're saying very art-schoolish. Fair enough, however it was early days of my moving out of painting and venturing into the real time and space of 3D work and so I reckon that I needed to experiment and let rip a little.
I'd love to be in a nice big space with it (with both of them actually) today with plenty of time to get to complete it/them.
I wonder what I'd do?

Maybe I'll ask IMMA [LINK] if they'll let me use one of their fine studio spaces?
..too big an ask, they won't even reply!, you counter?
Without doubt.

Unfinished no. 1 prussian blue

another layer of gesso then painted layers

Unfinished no. 1

Unfinished one [jute on gessoed paper on metal frame]

At this stage the raw jute has been cut to shape, soaked in hot rabbit-skin glue, then applied to the base form.