16 Oct 21 by justatest
I couldn't help noticing that, over time, most people ended up throwing away pieces that I gave them. Maybe they look at them as just ´stuff´ and not as art? I decided to try painting various colours onto the forms themselves (as opposed to a uniform coat of colour) in a desperate attempt to claim that it's more than a useless thing gathering dust and getting in the way?

looking on sideways

closer view

Furthermore, in all the years of people seeing these things in real life, it amazes me that not one has ever said something like: ¨I like that - will you sell it?¨
Maybe there´s something I´m just not understanding... ?

Materials, the usual suspects: oil on jute on metal wire frame.

Now (with addition of colours) it looks more like art? Will this one be discarded too?


Deciding against a uniform colour approach

Naturally the embarrassing and simple fact that I make bad art would never occur to me...