16 Oct 21 by justatest
This work has just gotten so fed up with being, it caves over in a complete collapse of ambition.

Side view

It's about 2 metres high. Materials are oil on jute on metal wire structure.

rear view

Even the colour lacks enthusiasm.

side view

This came to me as an idea already complete. Why I actually bothered to go on and make the work (as opposed to jettisoning it like so many others), I don't know.
I think it may be some kind of anti-sculpture as it has no pretensions to the heroic, has no statement to make, is of little or no significance, and the colour couldn´t be more mundane and uninspiring.
Still, I'm sort of satisfied with it in a way.


front-ish view

So how puerile can a sculpture get?
Notwithstanding, in my mind I like to beef it up by saying it´s inspired by a master (Try again. Fail again. Fail better. [LINK] ).