Bread For Forgetting
17 Oct 21 by justatest
The distinguished Italian architect and artist Mauro Lovi said he knew some Sardinian bakers and would I design a bread loaf for them?

Bread For Forgetting

I agreed to his request and decided to try it out by baking it myself first. So I made up a wholegrain dough with millet and farro and using fresh brewers yeast as a raising agent. I then put it in a recently-emptied beer can and let it rise so it started to spill out the top and dribble down the sides. I baked it at 200C for some time (as I'd proceeded to empty other beer cans, I don't remember how long it stayed in the oven). Anyway after it cooled down, I cut away the most of the can to reveal the perfectly baked loaf.
I then sent it off to Mauro.
The resulting silence tells me the bakers weren't amused.