19 Oct 21 by justatest
Increasingly squeezed by my diminishing workspace (now storage/artworks graveyard), I didn´t want to stop making the impractically large sized works that usually interest me. I thought I might make a piece that would take up little floor space but could utilize the available height in the dark, grim garage studio.

Can start

The usual gesso´ed jute surface was applied to the support piece but I got to thinking that I´d end up having to store it outside and therefore needed to add protection against the weather.

with added support

Unfortunately with the weight of all the layers of paper, gesso, jute and paint, it began to warp and topple over. I was forced to build a support piece to keep it upright.

start to paint

taking advantage to view while the car parking is empty

After applying a couple of coats of gesso.

jute layer

paper foundation layer

wire structure

starting out


doodle idea

To occupy a small footprint yet still utilizing upper headspace, I was thinking of an open vertical stack accordian-like object. Not that it should have an accordian´s flexibility but would remain fixed. The thought of it collapsing did occur to me however, yet I mistakenly assumed it could maintain it´s vertical axis.