Is Your Life Worth A Painting?
10 Aug 20 by justatest
As a young artist, I'd lived and painted for a couple of years in an abandoned hospital. Just before leaving, I painted everything white except for some works I'd done there, then had an exhibition. After the show I closed the door leaving everything there, then quit the country.

Livingroom bay windows

Livingroom show bay windows

Livingroom bed

Livingroom show bed

Livingroom fireplace & stairs to terrace

Livingroom show fireplace

Livingroom show last meal & tv

Livingroom show front windows

View of livingroom from studio

Working studio with Heading South

Studio show with Heading South

Do It Anyway, oil & mixed media on canvas, 105cm X 70 cm

Wounded Painting, oil on canvas, 135cm X 75cm

Slipup, mixed media, 50cm X 55cm X 55cm

Deconstruction, triptych oil on canvas, 200cm X 75cm

Unbounding, triptych oil on canvas, 210cm X 90cm

Green Studio, oil & mixed media, 90cm X 90cm

Violetta, oil on double-sided canvas, 160cm X 95cm

Return Of The Repressed, triptych, oil & mixed media on canvas

Heading South, oil & mixed media on canvas, 210cm X 165cm