Line Drawing (With Trees)
23 Sep 21 by justatest
I thought it might be interesting to do a ´plein air´ drawing but instead of drawing a line with a pencil or a pen, to draw using black irrigation piping that was lying around.

gradually adding more willow and alder branches


Starting out applying willow

Finding the black line a bit severe I decided to cut some willow slips and shove them into the holes along the pipe length to soften the appearance. A bit like cross-hatching I suppose. If I continue with this activity right to the top, I may be busy for the winter.


Basic drawing

Simply done in the end with a few bits of rope and a ladder. I´m curious to see how it´ll withstand the winter storms.

Plein air layout

Pipe drawing in progress

Following on an earlier work of a ´plein air´ painting of a tree [LINK], I figured I´d do a drawing this time. What's more is this drawing I can walk into.